BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Well ... that was a pleasant way to end up the season ...

Yeah, it's hard to get excited by a 7-9 season, especially after having made it to the Super Bowl last year, but as nasty and ugly and injury-wracked this season was, to finish up on a 2-game winning streak, scoring over 30 points in each game, sweeping the Packers, knocking said cheeseheads out of contention for the top conference seed, and knocking the Saints out of the playoffs (again ... we did that last year in the NFC Championship Game as well), it was a pretty nice way to end the year.

As a further footnote to the divisional blood feud, the Packers only lost 3 games this year ... two of which were to the Bears. There's a moral victory in there somewhere.

Memo to Smith & Angelo: You will be run out of town if Orton isn't at least given a chance to be #1 next year! Having him inactive for 13 games this season sure looks idiotic given how he performed these last 3 games.

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Tags: da bears

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