BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Not that you were wondering or anything ...

I recently have had some phone calls from old friends with whom I've been out of touch with for quite a while. Obviously, one of the main topics of conversation has been my new work situation, and the fact that, after 13 years of working from home, I now have a substantial (1-1.5 hour) commute. The subject of "just how far this was" came up and I was somewhat stumped (I mean, I knew it was 4 blocks to the subway, etc., but the mileage was a whole different question). Google maps says that the driving distance is 17 miles, but that adds a lot of distance getting to and from the expressway. From this it looks like it's about 10 miles "as the crow flies", but that's not exactly it either (given that it's a walk-train-train-bus-walk journey), but here's the map with home and work on it ...

I realize that there is a whole lot of "not giving a rats ass" hovering on the other end of this post, but I figured y'all were just itching for a big graphic on your F.L. ... oooh, SHINY!

heh ...

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