BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Geez ... dead in here or what?

Well, yes, I have been more or less up all night, but nobody's been posting on my Friends List, which makes me lonely ... really, only sohma_g had a substantiative post overnight, and that was simply crowing over her new "lucky in love" status without giving out any juicy details!

I also noticed getting zip response to either of my past two posts ... and I'm willing to do the math involved to realize that maybe the two concepts are linked and nobody's hanging out in L.J. at the moment.

I do have a question, however ...

How do you, my long-suffering readers, feel about my "go look over there" posts? Frankly, I don't necessarily feel like cross-posting all my work blog stuff in here, yet, at times, there will be stuff that I find interesting/amusing that's been spewed out in there that I'd like to have folks check out. The format of a brief post describing what Eschatos has been up to, with a link over to "his blog" seems to work for me, and I'm wondering if that's something that "works for you" as well.

Certainly there are likely to be times when I post SecondLife stuff in here (as I have previously), but anymore I'm living over there (for work), so a lot of the stuff I have kicking around my head to write about has to deal with "in-world" stuff, which feels a lot more natural to have in my "in-world blog" rather than here.

You gonna click through when I suggest it???

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