BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Bleh ...

I'm really pissed at myself.

I started this "big crunchy book review" (of The Bell Curve) a week or so back and it's been half-written sitting in my Semagic LJ client. I've been too damn tired after work to get into it most nights and really wanted to have it knocked out this weekend, but here it is, late on Sunday night, and I still haven't gotten back into it. Bad Brendan!

I'm really exhausted, so I may go crash now and get up at 5 to work on it. I have two other books which I'm nearly done reading, and I'd hate to have a "log jam" of reviews to-be-written building up.

Speaking of stuff I need to get done, I still haven't had a chance to install that groovy new video card into my system, and given that my old card crashed my system yet again (while in S.L.) last night, I really do need to get that taken care of.

I pretty much spent all weekend wrestling with The Wife's new system, which has been a pain in the ass since all her programs and stuff are on a XP-formatted HD (which I've switched out to be a USB drive), while her new box is running Vista.

Anybody have a clue how one might be able to migrate a paid-for, legal, registered copy of MS Office from an XP drive to the new Vista system? The Wife is VERY MUCH NOT HAPPY with the concept of having to use OpenOffice to play with .doc files but I am very reluctant to waste the last of a 3-install license on her system since we have one of them already there, just unable to run!

This having to upgrade her to Vista (especially given that she is pretty much "computer illiterate") has been a massive pain in the ass, as she's acting like I'm needlessly complicating things. {grumble grumble grumble}

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