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This one should be required reading!

Wow ... there are few books that make me happy that they simply exist as Dick Morris' Rewriting History. Morris, the Clintons' pollster and adviser since their early runs in Arkansas, must have felt incredibly torn when their much ballyhoo'd bios came out. After decades "on the inside", the temptation surely would have been to just "be loyal" and let the lies sit there, but I guess the Clinton sleaze had simply gotten too much for him. starts out it's over-view of Rewriting History. with this choice observation: "It's one thing to review a book by pounding out a few hundred words of criticism but it's quite another to review a book by writing an entirely new book." ... yet that's what this, in essence, is ... a running rebuttal to Hillary's Living History. However, it is more than that, it's a deep look at the twisted psyche of the leading Democratic Presidential candidate, and what's revealed here is scary.

As anybody who reads my regular journal knows, I loathe the Clintons, so to a very large extent this book is "preaching to the choir". I did not have to be "converted" to despising Hillary, but even so, the portrait painted here is chilling, and it is terrifying to think that this person could end up being President. Although Morris doesn't "go there", my take-away from Rewriting History is that the historical figure that Hillary Clinton most resembles is the Roman Emperor Caligula, driven by hubris and an insatiable lust for unquestioned power. Morris is "kinder" (and more recent) in his comparisons, making Hillary a mix of the isolated paranoid viciousness of Richard Nixon with the sense of crusading entitlement outside the rules of RFK. She believes that she is above reproach and all means are justified by their ends.

One of the fascinating parts of this book is Morris taking the "repackaging" of Hillary in the post-Lewinsky period into "HILLARY" as a "branding" which is key to her current strategy. Having spent decades "re-imaging" things for the Clintons, Morris well knows how their political world works, and much of this book looks at how that "brand" diverges from the truth.

Frankly, I doubt that Mrs. Clinton is capable of knowing what is "the truth", much like her husband wandered off into arguing what "is" meant, "truth" for Hillary is only that which advances her agendas. Time after time in Rewriting History Morris looks at blatant lies that she's told, things that would, with a minimum of research, be obvious ... but that have been unquestioningly parroted by the adoring MSM. One of the things that Morris agonizes over is how much she needs to lie, or to at least embellish situations ... largely to make herself look more important. From making up stories about how she was named, to fabricating time-lines of where Chelsea was on 9/11 (far away from the attacks, but presented like she was right at "ground zero"), to a whole litany of "more substantial" lies, there seems to be an on-going preference for mis-truth. Of course, some lies are bigger than others, and there are whole chunks of her resume that I'm sure she's worked hard to make "go away".

One thing that I had not been specifically aware of was that, when she was a law student, she sought out an position clear the other side of the continent in order to be able to work for a law firm run by Robert Treuhaft, a high-ranking member of, and leading lawyer for, the Communist Party. She then worked with them in their defense of Black Panthers back on the east coast. Of course, the MSM never mentions this stuff, and she sure as hell never gets into it in her autobiography!

Time and again, there are situations that started with a few lies (ala Whitewater, or "Travelgate") which could have been swept aside by saying "oh, we made a mistake" or paying a small fine, that got bigger and bigger as the Clintons refused to ever take responsibility for their actions. However, the other theme here is that Hillary believes that she can do no wrong, and any attempt to make her responsible for her actions blows up into "vast right-wing conspiracies".

Morris, nobly (I suppose) never gets into the really "juicy stuff" (ala Vince Foster, Ron Brown, and many dozens of others easily found on the web), but by the time you take a look at "the REAL Hillary", the darker stuff just seems predictable. Personally, I can't imagine how anybody would actually consider voting for this monster, but I guess if you mouth enough of the right (well, "left") platitudes you'll fool a lot of people, especially if the MSM is working as your megaphone.

Needless to say, I wish every possible voter would read Rewriting History. It is still in print, so you could find it at your local brick-and-mortar store (assuming that the liberal staff hasn't "hidden" it ... a fate often dealt "politically incorrect" books, I've found). Amazon has it for about 1/3rd off of cover, and (were you to not want to line Dick Morris' pocket) the new/used vendors have "like new" copies of the paperback for the ever-popular price of 1¢ (or an even four bucks with shipping). Buy it and read it ... and keep the Beast out of office!

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