BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwn ...

So, I worked a 14-hour day on Wednesday, and worked a 16-hour day on Thursday, and managed to get out of there after only a 6-hour day today, but that's still 36 hours over 3 days (and add 9 hours worth of commute to that). My brain hurts and I'm butt-dragging.

However, this Big Project (which only came up last Friday when The Boss was downtown pitching a Major Client) went very well. As I previously noted, this was a rather convoluted bit of "bells and whistles" involving a Machinima video being embedded in a virtual PowerPoint presentation being given by an Avatar which was a replication of the Client, with this all being a Machinima video that was then being embedded in an actual PowerPoint presentation being given by the Client (who is the Chairman & CEO of a major corporation) to a group of Key Decision-Makers involved with a HUGE project. And, as I understand it (I wasn't there), it went swimmingly, and not only does it look like the project that we were pitching last Friday (a fairly hefty piece of business in and of itself) is a lock, but it sounds like this is good-to-go as well. PLUS The Client wants us to come up with ideas for a proposal for bringing a Very Famous Place somewhere overseas (that they're involved with) into Second Life as well, along with the mention of another Very Major Potential Project on a whole 'nuther continent.

Mind boggling.

I was getting all sorts of kudos for having scripted the presentation, spec'd out the PowerPoint slides, scripted and assembled the "inner" Machinima video (we didn't have time to shoot new video, so I had to "scour" YouTube and convert and edit several dozen bits of "borrowed" clips to usable form!), done all the audio editing from a bunch of paragraph-by-paragraph recordings of The Client reading from the script, syncing the audio track to the Machimima and slides, and helping with the rest of it (video reformatting, etc.). Frankly, most of the kudos were coming from our "investment team" (who are not usually around the office), which is great, since they have no "reason to" pump me up unless they were actually blown away by the presentation!

Now, don't get me wrong, I was only a part of this ... we had five people in the office till 1:30am Thursday night working on graphics, building PowerPoint slides, and setting up and shooting the "outer" Machinima ... but a lot of this was riding on me, and I'm thrilled to have it work out like it did.

Remember, I spent most of the past six years feeling like a huge heaping pile of useless shit when I could neither get any entrepreneurial project off the ground nor even get fucking interviewed for a job ... so both having things take a huge turn towards real success at work, and my getting praised for what I'm doing are WONDERFUL CHANGES!

We also heard that one of the Venture Capital groups is finally "pulling the trigger" on the seed funding for the Big Secret (in-house) Project that we need to have ready to demo at the Virtual Worlds Conference in April ... which is very good news too. Maybe, just maybe, my next paycheck will creep upwards from the current "Secretary 1" level that it's been at since I started getting paid there!

I'm beat, but it was a very, very good day at work!

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