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More fun with Dick Hoagland ...


So, after a long time of near-silence, Richard C. Hoagland and the merry crew of are back to posting up some interesting stuff! Hoagland is, of course, the guy who popularized "The Face" on Mars, and has been in cahoots with Mike Bara, of, who is to the Moon what Hoagland is to Mars. The two of the have recently released a best-selling "Secret History of NASA", Dark Mission, which focuses on "stuff they didn't tell us they found on the Moon".

Two interesting new pieces are up on Hoagland's site, one about the international interest (you'd be more likely to read about this stuff in Pravda than in the U.S. MSM), which is HERE and another on "Torsion Fields" (in relation to sensors in the Space Shuttle's liquid hydrogen tanks, HERE), which connects to some other stuff in the Russian info.

Anyway, the image above is from a Russian site ... it seems that the Russians have gotten into working with the old NASA images, and this is a fascinating one from a web site that Hoagland refers to. If one is to believe Hoagland & Bara, the Moon has all sorts of "architecture" near the Moon-landing sites ... the images of which were "blacked out" pre-release with old darkroom techniques, long before anybody anticipated millions of people with PhotoShop-like tools sitting on their desktops (and I actually grabbed an image that they'd been referring to from a NASA site, goosed up the "white point" and the "brightness" and there, looming in the background, were what indeed did appear to be two trapezoidal glass-like towers!).

Again, I generally feel that Hoagland & Co. tend to find some "thing of authentic interest" and then go crazy with it so that it's so blown out of proportion that everybody thinks he's nuts. Frankly, a friend of mine is of the opinion that Hoagland has never stopped working for NASA, but, over the past 20 years or so, he's been in some sort of a "psyops" gig where he picks things up that are likely to surface in other arenas and makes any attention to them look disreputable! I have, however, found his bits and pieces on obscure physics fascinating, so I figure he's always worth at least a look.

By the way (speaking of obscure theories), I wonder why the first thing I've heard of Wilhelm Reich's archives being opened (after being "sealed" for 50 years) came from one of these pieces by Hoagland ...

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