BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I just happened to be up ...

I didn't get home until 10pm tonight, and pretty much just crashed. So, when I woke up at 4:30, I figured I'd check my e-mail for a bit and then toddle back to bed for another hour or so of sleep.

I just noticed my "DesktopWeather" thing ... it's currently -1° outside. Brrrrrrrr. At least the winds had died down, since the wind chill is "only" -13° ... yesterday morning it was like +5° but with a wind chill of -20° ... the forecast for today is for temps in the 20s, so it needs to get warming to make it up there!

{Edit @6:55am} - Well, that's interesting. Rather than going up, the temperature has dropped again ... now down to -2° (still showing a -13° wind chill) ... it's going to be fun waiting for the Purple Line outside at Fullerton this morning ... NOT.

{Edit @9:50am} - What a morning to have the trains screwed up! I left home at my usual time, got to the Red Line stop at Clark & Division at the usual time, and waited ... and waited ... and waited. The trains at that time supposedly run "every 5 minutes", but there were already a lot of folks waiting, and it was over 10 minutes before one came. Now, I can usually miss "my" train and get the next and still catch the 8:11 Evanston Express at Fullerton, and when I got up to Fullerton several of "the usual suspects" who take the same train were still standing around, telling me that I hadn't missed the 8:11, but there wasn't another train until well past 8:25 (the next "official" train is at 8:26). Now, it's "dicey" as to whether the 8:26 will make it up to Davis St. in Evanston before the #250 Pace Bus that leaves at 8:50 (or 8:49 if the driver's in a particularly cranky mood), and we missed it by a mile. So, I got to enjoy the -13° wind chill at Fullerton for a good 15 minutes, and the "around zero" temperatures at Davis for another half hour this morning. Bleh. I wish I had a coffee just to soak my fingers in.

P.S.: I realize that I've been a bit MIA around here ... more interesting stuff may be found over at

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