BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

NEWS on the PA crash ...

I got this sent to me from a Unicity Network contact over on AOL ...

Hi All,

I'm sending this to everyone in my address book.

I'm sure you are as I am glued to the TV in hopes of finding some reason for this tragedy and all its repercussions. My heart goes out to all the victims. This tragedy has or will soon touch each of us in many ways.

I thought I share this story that has not been released to the news media as yet. The info came from my daughter who's boyfriend is an air traffic controller at Oberlin. The hijacked plane that crashed in Somerset PA did cross the airspace in his sector. The plane was clearly on the radar screen heading west and it abruptly changed directions to the east near Cleveland. The transponder that indicates the altitude was intentionally turned off by the hijackers. Thus, now one knew of the altitude of the plane. He located a smaller plane in the area to lookout for the plane. That plane reported the jetliner was 1000 ft above him. At that time he told him to leave the area. Now having the altitude of the jetliner and the direction of flight the target was surmised as being either Camp David or Washington area.

There was a transmission from the plane possibly a cell phone from the plane that said this plane is being hijacked and 3 of us are going to do something about it. End of transmission. The plane crashed soon after that.

Based on what the news media is saying about the Somerset crash I believe there were heroic measures taken on Flight 93 to prevent a greater tragedy.

May God Bless every one of you and your family and friends.


Pretty amazing ... I suspected that the passengers might have thwarted that attack ... preferring to plant the plane in the ground than in the White House or the Capitol!

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