BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I was worried I should head back over to the hospital ...

OK, so I was feeling a lot better, with my field of vision not "swirling" around me and all those other fun Vertigo symptoms (which have been speedily going away with the drugs) ... but then I saw this:

At least others have told me that they've seen this clip too, and so I didn't have a stroke or something making me "see things" like Ann Coulter saying that she'll go out and campaign for Hitlery if McCain is the G.O.P. candidate. Hell, if it's Klinton vs McCain, I'll vote for John Q. Nobody from the L.P., but to hear Ann Coulter say what she's saying was making me fear for my sanity!

P.S. Ron Paul was solid on the live MTV thing from Times Square.

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