BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

So, I know that nobody really cares about this, but ...

I was sort of worried about my reading with the commute and all ... but I seem to be keeping up. I've been trying to target getting through 72 books per year (I did 73 in '06 and 79 in '07) which works out to six a month. I guess I got off to slow starts then, as I've managed 13 through February this year, which is ahead of both the previous. Yay ... go me.

Of course, my journal here has got pretty boring, as it does seem to have drifted towards just being my book reviews when I get around to writing them (and those do seem to be stacking up waiting for the weekend for me to have a bit more sleep than I end up getting during the week). Once again, you can always check out my work blog "Eschatos In-World ...", although things have been so insane around there that I've not been keeping that up as much as I'd like to either!

Geez ... I was just paging back and realized that this was almost the same post I made a week ago Thursday ... sorry for having gotten so damn boring!

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