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My next book review will be the 200th I've posted on-line (see for the all-review blog), which seems to be a landmark worth some sort of celebration.

Also, Daughter #1 was wanting some "daddy time" yesterday, and we played Parcheesi (I won twice, "cheating" in that I actually read the rules), Stratego (won once, but barely), and then she wanted to watch a movie with me. As I've noted here before, I find it VERY hard to watch a movie all the way through at home, so I had a backlog of videos I'd picked up over the past year or two, and pulled out Grosse Pointe Blank.

Now, I, as a rule, don't much care for comedies, and I very rarely watch movies twice in a decade, but Grosse Pointe Blank has got to be one of the best crafted films ever ... it has swirling inter-relations between John Cusack and Minnie Driver (romantic), John Cusack and Dan Akroyd (competitive), and John Cusack with Joan Cusack (a hilarious office scenario). The basic plot line is that Cusack is an assassin-for-hire who has been convinced to go back to his 10th highschool reunion (and to do a hit while he's there) ... Akroyd, a former associate is trying to get him to join up with a new group, but is willing to mess things up for Cusack if he doesn't cooperate. Lots of amazingly droll humor ensues, especially since he doesn't hide what he's been doing (nobody believes). If you get a chance, check it out ... this is what I wish more comedies looked like!

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