BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Indulgence ...

I keep trying to get what few family members that are left that would be inclined to give me presents to always think first of Amazon gift certificates, because I just LOVE to have a nice fat balance over there that I can dip into, usually to pick up some book I've seen referenced somewhere (and usually at a minuscule price via the new/used vendors). Tonight, however, I did the more "buy a present" sort of shopping, and got myself two BRAND NEW (just released, even!) CDs ... the new Bob Mould (District Line, released February 5th) and the new Bauhaus (Go Away White, released March 3rd) albums! I listened to all the 30-second cuts and they sound great, especially the Bob Mould disc ... this could be a classic ... I can hardly wait for free shipping (they were each on sale for just $12.99, so it was just over the $25.00 threshold) to get them to me! Yay!

By the way ... anybody else notice that is AWOL tonight? I needed to get something there, and the URL isn't working at all ... bizarre! I called up and the phone guys said they had no clue why it was down or how long it would be down. It's putting a cramp in my "organizing my weekend" plans, though.

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