BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Not that it is likely to noticeably increase or decrease my frequency of posting ...

Yeah, I know ... tomb-like silence from my end.

I've been working 15 hour days, dragging home just long enough to eat and pass out and get 6 hours of sleep and head back out again.

However, tomorrow we all fly off to New York for the Virtual Worlds 2008 Conference (we're a Gold Sponsor!), so things might get more sane next week.

It's going to be so bizarre to be in New York again ... I've probably not been back in 20 years (the last time I was in New York the Blue Man Group was still just in their little theater down on the south end of Manhattan). I'm not going to have much time for sight-seeing, however, as we discovered some egregious typos in some key pieces of propaganda that we'd just finished stuffing and packing, so I'm going to be up all night tomorrow fixing that (this is what we get for having a designer who insists on doing print pieces in graphic programs on her fucking Mac, despite English being like her 3rd best language ... the damn text was pristine when I sent her the Word file!). Nothing like introducing a new advertising product and having it spelled "avertising" in the sub-titles. Grrrrr. At least we caught it before we got to New York!

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