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Well, New York was interesting. Back when I was in P.R. I handled all of our conference/meeting projects, and was always "first guy in, last guy out" and responsible for all the logistics of the program (which led to my eventually getting the CMP, Certified Meeting Professional, accreditation). This time, however, I was in the "last in, first out" group (with one of the Owners and our Sales guy), which created all sorts of cognitive dissonance for me.

First of all, I was really only in NYC for about 48 hours all told, and I spent a LOT of that time doing last-minute re-stuffing of kits (we had some egregious typos in some key printed pieces that somehow got by a half a dozen sets of eyes, including mine, before going to press ... and the revised versions of those were not ready to go until the morning of our flight), so I really didn't get much of a chance to "get my bearings". Also, except for one "VIP Party" which was at a bar a few blocks away, I never ate anything outside of the hotel or Javits center. At least the hotel (The New Yorker) had a classic NYC 24-hour diner, the Tick Tock, which had decent food. It was a kick just being back in Manhattan, though!

There were issues with the booth (we had a big booth ... see my work blog for details ... while most everybody else had basic pipe-and-drape), in part due to the Javits center being slow to get the preceding car show out, and part due to the group that was installing it being severely under-manned. It was up, however, by 6am the morning of the show, so I guess "no harm, no foul", but if I'd been in with the responsibility of having that up and ready to go, I'd have been going NUTS!

Anyway, I'm back, and our schedule (while crazy, we have major deadlines of various projects each day this week!) is a little less grinding than it had been over the past few weeks.

I have a big backlog of book reviews to get to ... just added to last night by Daughter #1 finally finishing up her review for a book on women astronomers (from LibraryThing's "Early Reviewer" program) that I was waiting on to incorporate into my review on the book (it turned out to be targeted to the "young adult" market, so I figured that my 12-year-old would have more perspective on it than my jaded eye). Needless to say, I'm hoping to get caught up with all that this weekend.

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