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A meme instead of sleep

OK ... so these "interest" memes usually pass me by (since I have, after all, only 10 interests listed), but meryddian took up the challenge ... or responded to mine ... or whatever ... and assigned me the task of describing 7 of the 10.

Here there be RULES:
Comment on this post and say YO BABY ! I WANT TO DO THAT "INTEREST MEME" or something like that. I will choose seven interests from your profile, and in your own journal, you will explain what they mean, and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along."

1. - american_people/link

        Ah, the start of the addiction! American PeopleLink, aka PLINK, was a Chicago-area BBS back in 1989-91 ... in a universe much different than the one in which we currently live (when we paid $4.25 per hour for 1200baud access to text-based sites!) ... this was my community. PLINK was originally an Amiga group (like AOL was initially a Mac BBS), but I accessed it with a Tandy Model 4P. PLINK was wonderful in that the folks involved were quite willing to run all around the country to meet people, and had epic parties before CES in Vegas, and various other times/locations. It disappeared in '91, and I probably switched over to the much more expensive Compu$erve at that point (and all those hours playing YGI!). Can you believe paying over five bucks an hour for text-only Internet? I have it up in my "interests" in the vague hope that some other old PLINKers might see it and say hi.

2. - art*o*mat Who doesn't love vending machines? I'm old enough to recall the NYC Horn & Hardart "automats" and I'm sure there are folks reading this for whom the concept of a cigarette vending machine might seem bizarre, but that's what's at the core of the Art*O*Mat phenomenon ... old cigarette vending machines re-designed to dispense (at the cost of a $5 token) some small piece of "art". We have one of these down at the Chicago Cultural Center, and it's always a treat to get some new treasure from it when I'm feeling flush enough to blow five bucks on some artistic ephemera!

3. - bureaucrash Yes, I voted for Ron Paul. I bet that most of the good folks over at Bureaucrash did too. Mostly young kids, college students ... makes me feel better that not everybody under 50 is some sort of delusional socialist. It's nice to see some kids with their heads screwed on right. Maybe the next William F. Buckley or Barry Goldwater is out there creating merry mayhem with 'em tonight.

4. - cfuu

        That is the Conservative Forum for Unitarian Universalists. About a decade ago, I was quite enamored of the U.U. church. It was theologically non-committal, and was open and encouraging to nearly everything I held dear of a spiritual nature. Unfortunately, our local U.U. congregation was politically slightly to the left of the Socialist Workers Party, and I was finding myself being actively shunned for such heinous crimes as being an officer with the local Libertarian Party. I had hoped that the CFUU would be a comfortable harbor for me within the Church, but found that most of the folks active in it were inexplicably biblical rather than Constitutional literalists. The world is full of shit-for-brains "Bible Churches", why did these people want to further screw up the U.U. universe?

5. - mold-a-rama

        I just love machines and cheap gee-gaws and this combines the two! The Mold-A-Rama machines produce, for a mere handful of quarters (they're up to about $1.50 these days) an injection-molded item that was produced right before your very eyes! Originally developed in the 1950's, many of these machines are still in operation today (I know of a couple of dozen just in the Chicago and Milwaukee area) in museums and zoos. There was supposedly going to be a new generation of the machines appearing, but the web page has said "coming soon" since 2002 ... at least they're still refurbishing the old machines.

6. - tchotchkes

        It's a Yiddish word for "trinket", as you may have guessed from #2 and #5 above, I just love acquiring interesting items. I have, fortunately, never become a "collector" per se (well, discounting my books, of course), but I've always had an eye for the unique souvenir (ah, some of the things I brought home back when I was traveling a lot ... like the push-button salt-and-pepper unit with the two alligators in bow ties leaning back on their haunches like dogs begging on either side of a "Florida" graphic!). The biggest blow to my tchotchke obsession was, of course, getting married, which resulted in The Wife exiling nearly all my "cool stuff" into my very cramped office. It may all still be here, but there are boxes that I've not looked in for 15 years.

7. - toastmasters

        No, this is not about kitchen appliances, but the public speaking group. This was also listed as something of a "shout out" for fellow Toastmasters, but my involvement came to a screeching halt six months ago when I started my current job. My local club, Extreme Toastmasters, starts its meetings at 6:15pm, and it takes me nearly 1.5 hours to get back down here from Evanston ... meaning that if I want to get to a meeting I have to leave before five, in an office where most people are still chugging away at 7:30pm ... not the best move early in one's employment cycle! I do hope to pick up again on that at some point, but it may take a goodly amount of negotiation.

Now, wasn't that all fascinating?

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