BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Pondering ...

What to read next?

I just finished another book (I now have four books awaiting my review ... I'd hoped to have had more "desk time" this weekend to knock that list down a bit, but other stuff happened), and am facing a new week without a book in progress or one that is screaming "me next!".

I got picked for a LibraryThing Early Reviewer book this month, but it has not appeared as yet (or I'd have moved that up to the front of the line), so I'm in a quandary.

In the current active (not to be confused with the various file boxes full of unread book strewn around here) "to be read" stack, I have some Politics, some Religion (or at least anti-), some NewAge twaddle, some Sociology, some Psychology, a "10-Day MBA" course, and a 650-page book on the Civil War that I know I'm never going to even start.

What to do ... what to do? I guess I'll wait till the morning and see which one (I'm thinking it's down to 3 front runners) really wants to jump into the briefcase for reading on the El.

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