BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,


Man ... this week has been a clusterfuck.

I have been dragging home somewhere between 8 and 9pm, having been gone for 13 hours, and being so tired that I don't even eat dinner. I eventually wake up and get some food and crawl into my office to try to get somethng done. Obviously, I've been falling behind on stuff because tonight my email was AWOL.

It turns out that my hosting service was trying to bill to an old credit card, but I hadn't heard a peep from them that they were having trouble, until I freaked about my e-mail not working and logged into their site to see what the hell was happening. (sigh) They must have been sending notes (if they did send any) to my old AOL account, which I've not checked in literarlly MONTHS.

I guess I should bite the bullet and go over to AOL and plow through 10,000 unread mails.

bleh ...

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