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Despite having five storage boxes full of unread books around here, I was hitting that "I don't have anything to read" whining zone (most days are not the right day to plow into the 800 pages of "Godel, Escher, Bach" or even the 400-some pages of "The Turning Omnibus" - for instances drawn from recent searches through the boxes), so I did something that I almost never do ... I went out to the book store.

As frequent readers know, I buy most of my books on-line, so going out to an actual bookstore is a daunting experience of actually having the books present, which can be as awkward as going to a cocktail party full of folks you've only met on IRC. However, the Barnes & Noble up the street was having a 75% clearance sale on one table, which featured a lot of their publications (which have cover prices about 1/3 of what a comparable book from another publisher would be), so I got 4 new hardbacks and 1 new large-format paperback for between $2.00 and $2.50 each ... with tax the total for all 5 books came to $12.24 ... that's even better than getting a new/used book from one of the Amazon vendors for 1¢ and having to add on the $3.99 shipping!

Go me ... this was exactly the sort of deal that I was hoping to hit.

I've even started two of them (well, one just getting through the introductory material so that I can jump into Chapter 1 on the subway come Monday), so you'll no doubt be hearing more details soon.

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