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I'm almost caught up with review-writing! I have one more book to go and then I'll have a long-ish gap (as both of the books that I'm currently reading are over 400 pages long and rather slow going ... but I made my "target" of six books for the month by the 18th, so I figured I'd give some "rougher reads" a shot).

In an ideal world, I would like to write reviews as I finish up the books, but as a cursory glance at the differing orders of (my catalog) and (my review blog) will show, I've been way off kilter. Of course, waiting months to write up that Paine book was excessive, but even the one I still have hanging is closing in on being two weeks "late".

Yeah, I know ... the care-o-meter for most folks on this topic is hovering around "nada" ... but I just wanted to point out why there have been 10 book reviews "Bogarting" my journal this month!

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