BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Things must really be circling around the flush ...

The high point of my day was discovering that the "Deals" up by The Girls' dojo had, over the past week, been re-branded as a Dollar Tree. We were SO excited. Heck, there was a clown ... she gave them balloons.


Yes, I am rather enthused about the change ... ever since they (it's all the same company) started screwing around with the Deals concept (their bags used to go on about how everything was a dollar, but then they started having $2.00 stuff, an $5.00 stuff, and $8.00 stuff, and $10.00 stuff, and even $20.00 stuff), the store up there was getting to be like one of the old "off brand" five & dimes (the ones without the selection of a Kresge's or the panache of Woolworth's) back in the 60's, only with 1/5th of it turned into a grocery store.

I want to go in to a dollar store and have everything I pick up be a dollar (or 2-for-a-dollar, or 4-for-a dollar, or whatever). I love being able to get stuff that over at Walgreens is $2.69 for a buck. Heck, I really love being able to get stuff that at Best Buy is $8.95 for a buck (gotta love those dollar store USB cables!).

I am, however, painfully aware of how pitiful my life must be at this point when this stuff makes that much of a difference in my day.

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