BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Aren't I supposed to be WORKING?

Oh, look ... a mid-day meme! This one snagged from darthbeckman's journal.

Your Score: The Taoist

You scored 40 Materialism and 60 Phenomenology!

The Way is flux. The Way is order. The Way is Chaos. And if you do it right, the Way is you.

You have a good balance of the material and phenomenological realms in your personal experiences, and see reality as a holistic set of interlocking systems, constantly changing, constantly supporting or resting on one another. The Tao (and the Buddhist sect it inspired, Zen) isn't about getting on with it, it's about realizing there's no it to get on with.

Thinkers you may agree with: Lao-tzu (duh)
Thinkers that may challenge you: One is all.

Link: The Metaphysician Test written by Jaylhomme

Oh, like, wow, y'know ...

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