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I was, until this morning, 100% clueless that this was Fathers Day weekend! Seriously, I knew it was in June, but I thought it was next weekend. The family has been on my butt a bit to come up with ideas of stuff I'd like to do, but I was, obviously, not responding with adequate concepts (I had posited renting a van and moving stuff that we need to get from a storage locker here down to a much cheaper storage locker in Kankakee, but that would have involved already having the van ... no wonder that got funny looks).

The only way I discovered this being Fathers Day weekend was that friend had sent me some AOL greeting cards for it, and I was thinking "why is she sending these out a week ahead?" ... and then Googling the date ... whoops!

Needless to say, I don't want to seem like I'm "ducking" it, or not wanting to play along ... I was simply oblivious to it coming up!

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