BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Don't you just love L.J. drama?

Jeez ... today I got de-friended by a long-time L.J. friend over my arguing ... hell, not even arguing, more like positing ... that the Plasmatics were "Punk" and not "New Wave".

Yeah, I know ... WTF???

In the "kiss off" comment (which, since it was in a locked-down journal, I was neither able to read in context, nor respond to, but ended up seeing in the eventual e-mail forward) I was being ripped for being "hung up on labels and definitions of things" and "condescending" ... which just stuns me. We had been popping back and forth comments following a post they'd made regarding a "New Wave" radio feed that they'd been listening to. On about comment #5 in this exchange, I made a crack about Wendy O. Williams (the late lead singer of the Plasmatics), and suddenly I'm kicked to the curb after 7-8 years:

The mind boggles.

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