BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

So, there MUST be a gas crisis ...

As most of my readers are do doubt aware, we're not "car people" ... living downtown in a Major Metropolitan Area, it would be craziness to try to own a car. This tends to buffer us somewhat from the reality of the current insane gasoline prices, as we're almost never in the position to fill up a gas tank (although we have certainly noticed the $1 gas surcharge recently added to all taxi fares, and the 1% increase in the sales tax, which I suspect is linked to fuel issues in the city's budget).

However, this weekend we've had a rental car (the new Nissan Versa, by the way) and the gasoline situation really hit me. Not, mind you, in the $42 I had to spend on filling the tank in Woodstock, IL ... that was sort of expected. No, what really brought the gas situation into stark reality was that, at 8pm on a Summer weekend Sunday night, there was only moderate traffic on I-90 coming into Chicago!

We were fully expecting to have things be "a parking lot" from Elgin on in ... but (minus one inexplicable "crawl for 2 minutes" stretch) there was none of the typical "mass return to the city" that we've encountered nearly every time we've gone off on a Summer driving adventure.

Freaky stuff!

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