BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I wish Peter Murphy would just go write a BOOK ...

I have no idea with whom Peter Murphy (lead singer of Bauhaus) has studied, or specifically what traditions, but he keeps seeding in bits of "esoteric knowledge" into his lyrics. From "Socrates The Python" on Love Hysteria (with the chorus of "Bennett, Gurdjieff, Jesus ...") to what are clearly mystical struggles in tunes like "Cuts You Up" (on Deep), there are numerous songs with obvious "I am a student of the arcane arts" intent that weave through his solo work.

I don't suppose, then, that I should be surprised to find myself hearing "Abremelin" replacing the title "Adrenaline" several times in the chorus of that song from the latest Bauhaus album (2006's Go Away White)?

Given his age (he's just a couple of months older than me) and location, it's not impossible that he had encountered J.G. Bennett in that teacher's later years (Murphy would have been 17* when Bennett died), but it's more likely that he'd have hooked into a later manifestation of that tradition. It would be fascinating (to me, at least) to read a "spiritual autobiography" from him, tracing where these various lyrical influence came from!

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* Heck, I was just 16 when The Process Church of the Final Judgment had it's big "Schism", resulting the the Foundation Church of the Millennium ... and while I never got to meet Robert DeGrimston, his teachings (and the whole Process shtick) were very influential in my development.

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