BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Alas ...

Oh, my ... while I can't find an actual score, I see that The Force lost the championship game to Dallas. I still would have liked to have been out at the game (instead we were down at Navy Pier for the "Venetian Night" fireworks).

There finally has been some media on the team, however. Tribune columnist John Kass had an article on them Friday (with some nice video pieces on the web version) looking at the team through the lens of some of the key players.

I just hope that this will spur the Tribune (and others) to assign a beat writer to The Force for next season ... it would be great to be able to follow them in the news rather than just via their web site (which, notably, still hasn't updated with results of the game at this hour ... I got the "result" from a headline congratulating the other team on the IWFL site).

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