BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I have a Dalek in my living room ...

OK, so this would be so much more effective with a photo to illustrate it ...

But today they delivered 100lbs (I find it odd they measure this by pounds) of liquid oxygen in a big wheeled bullet-shaped container (with a protruding spigot sort of thing from the top) that looks ever so much as an "pre-release" version of a Dalek (before Davros got them all fancy with armor plating and the half-spheres and disintegrator ray, etc.).

This has a place in the top where I connect my walk-around oxygen unit and fill it up with 8 hours worth of liquid O² (while it wheezes, thumps, and pours out -333°F mists). I just hope I don't end up with any "O-ring" failures (visions of Richard Feynman with a pitcher of ice water dance in my head).

Somehow I can't bring myself to call this LOX ... that mental slot being permanently associated with smoked salmon!

Still, it's sort of freaky having "rocket fuel" (or a component thereof) sitting around in the living room, trying to pass itself off as an arch-enemy of The Doctor!

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