BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

The weekend ....

Not surprisingly, I laid low this weekend, pretty much. I ended up going on an "unapproved" junket on Friday afternoon, as Walgreens called to say they (or any of their other nearby locations) didn't have the "needle drugs" (Lovenox, the blood thinner I'm having to shoot up with twice a day until the oral Warfarin has a chance to build up in my system) that I needed for the weekend.

As previously noted, I only got back home on Friday night, but The Wife had gone out to run errands and her phone was dead, and I figured I'd better take care of this. There was a Walgreens with enough hypos of this (I only needed six) just two bus rides away, so I loaded up my wheeled oxygen tank, got dressed, and headed out. I had to wait 20 minutes for the first bus, but the rest of the connections worked out fine ... I walked a half a block to get the #36, took it to Grand, walked a block plus to catch the #29, walked about a half a block to the Wallgreens, got my drugs, then walked a bit more than a block to catch the #66, walked across the street to catch the #36 again, which then let me out across from home. At no point did I get into "gasping", but I was on the nasal oxygen feed the whole time.

Needless to say, The Wife thought I was nuts, but I didn't want to be faced with the choice of trying to get her to go on the errand (and she would have spent $20 on cabs rather than take the bus) or running the risk of not getting the shots when I was supposed to be getting them.

On Saturday, I stayed in and The Wife took The Girls up to Dojo (which was good, since Daughter #1 got another "stripe" promotion that was long over-due, putting her one promotion away from her third brown belt, one away from black!). While they were out, the home-care folks delivered the previously discussed big tank of liquid O² and got me set up with the "portable" unit.

I got to use said portable unit this afternoon, taking The Girls out for a Slurpee ... but aside from that little down-the-block-and-back trip, I didn't do much today either.

At least I've gotten around enough that I'm not afraid of walking a few blocks (with the oxygen), although I feel like I'm "wimping out" a bit in planning on going to work tomorrow via the Chicago & State stop where I can take the elevator down to the train (I will have my regular briefcase, the laptop from the office, and my portable oxygen unit with me, so it's just not trying to avoid stairs).

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