BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Wow ...

I guess it does occasionally pay off to read the silly newsletter put out by the condo board ...

I just found out that the new restaurant that is coming into our building, right across the lobby, is going to be the resurrection of Trader Vic's! After nearly 50 years of operation in the basement of the Palmer House Hilton, the old Chicago Trader Vic's closed at the end of 2005 ... they had an announcement that they'd be re-opening "soon" in February 2006, but I guess it took them a while to find the right spot.

I am a total sucker for the whole "Tiki" thing, and was fortunate to have been able to enjoy many of the classic old "Polynesian" places before most of them disappeared, including the old Don The Beachcomber's place that was right across from our offices back in the early days of my PR career. Although I quit drinking 23 plus years ago, I was a huge fan of the tropical drink genre ... and could whip up a good Zombie (and one of the reasons I had to quit drinking is because my favorite lunch place, Louie's Cantonese Cafe over on Rush St., made a real swell Zombie) among other boozy treats, even before going to bartening school (where I learned to make 'em all)! I've felt very nostalgic about the whole "tiki culture" thing passing away, and have bemoaned why nobody was trying to bring it back ... well, I guess they are, and I couldn't be more thrilled to have them in the building!

I guess if all the rest of my life goes to shit, I can get a job slinging Mai-Tais right downstairs ...

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