BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Now, THIS is going to be fun ...

Hat-tip to polaris93 for this story ...

McCain can just coast if the Clintonistas keep up his work for him ... this is from a lawsuit filed by a former member of Pennsylvania's Democratic State Committee and former deputy attorney general of Pennsylvania:
"Obama traveled to Pakistan using his Indonesian passport. At the time of travels to Indonesia, Obama was 20 years old. He was well aware he maintained his Indonesia citizenship, and failed to regain his United States citizenship. … Even if Obama maintained his United States Citizenship, which he failed to do, he also carries citizenships in Kenya and Indonesia. Obama has divided loyalties with foreign countries. Thus, Obama carries multiple citizenships and is ineligible to run for President of the United States."

With further commentary (discussing other citizenship-related issues):
"If any, much less all, of these allegations are true, the suit claims, Obama cannot constitutionally serve as president."

From HERE.
I keep thinking that Hillary still has a "convention surprise" up her sleeve, and that is the reason she pushed to get an initial roll-call vote ... could it be that assorted state delegations have rules that would not allow them to vote for Obama given some of these questions?

This could make the GOP convention look like warm fuzzies among the sane!

I still think I'm voting "ROOT-2012: The Prequel" ... heh!

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