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Woweeee! More people dropping me from their "Friends"!


One of the most interesting things about this whole WTC/War thing in L.J.-land is how it is clarifying where people stand on various issues. Now, I've never had much patience with those "on the Left", and have always felt that Leftist/Statist philosophies were much akin to those stances taken by people who just couldn't quite shake their Sunday School indoctrination (with, of course, the Leftist/Statist indoctrination coming from The Media and the so-called Educational System). Like the "cultural Christians", I always felt that the "soft Left" types, while being flat-Earthers at heart, were always just a reality check away from realizing that they'd been duped by the dominant paradigm ... sort of like dealing with children who think the world is one way, but you know sooner or later will have their delusions dashed with a hard dose of reality (and, of course, in many cases on L.J., the posters are, for all practical intents and purposes, children).

Of course, aside from the "soft Left" types there are the Hard Left ideologues ... these are the ones acting like rape/beating co-dependent survivors, desperately seeking some way to blame the WTC attack on the victims and going to ANY length to shift the finger of accusation from the Muslim Extremists who did the deed. You will see them trot out all their favorites, from Michael Moore to Noam Chomsky, and then blindly parrot any piece of semi-reasonable sounding propoganda coming from the terrorists (and their official apologists) themselves!

I have been the subject of quite a lot of "verbal abuse" from this camp (it is quite interesting to discover at this late date that people who I had assumed to be friends actually consider me an "ignorant racist pig" for not toeing their "nobody but the U.S. is to blame" line!). Hey, I'm sorry, but if the FBI wants to "profile" Palestinians, Iraquis, Iranians, Afghanis, etc. as being more likely to be affiliated with Radical Islamic Sects/Cells than say Finns, Norwegians, Swedes, Danes, etc., that seems pretty LOGICAL, SANE, and PRUDENT. It does NOT mean that this is a "racist policy" and it does NOT mean that folks who think it is reasonable are "racist". It amazes me that Leftists who are SO hot to press narrowly focused demographic agendas are so quick to turn around and say that to look at demographic factors in REALITY is "racist" or whatever "-ist" happens to be the epithet they are throwing around at the moment.

Anyway, bit by bit over the past week, there has been a pruning of my "Friend of" listing of long-time readers of this journal. Remarkably enough, I today have MORE folks in that list than were there a week ago, letting me know that as the "delicate" to Hard Left dump me to go off and contemplate their flawed dialectics, there are others adding me for whatever reason they think I'm worth reading. So, welcome aboard all the new readers ... things will be getting more interesting! Frankly, I'd been "self-editing" to an extent, intentionally not posting some very interesting things that I'd come across, due to being "sensitive" to some of these long-time L.J. "Friends"'s views. Since most of them are gone now, the "gloves are off".

Be forewarned, though ... I am capable of some VERY extreme views. I have spent most of the past 25 years "staring into the abyss" and working on internalizing things that most people would rather not even look at. However, as I noted in the comments of one whiney Leftist's post ... "Avoiding looking into the abyss does NOT make the abyss go away"!

One last thing ... it is instructive to note that while others (those dumping me) could not simply "agree to disagree" (like religious fundamentalists, most Leftists/Statists can not STAND to have their presumptions quesitoned), I have dropped only one of the former denizens of my Friends list in this current debate (and that one being a "Hard Left Idealogue" who is constantly having her terror apologist/propogandist posts copied by others, so I keep up that way) ... since I don't mind scanning through the fears/delusions of "children" ... but it certainly appears that they just don't want to hear that there is no Easter Bunny!

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