BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

OK ... finally 908 letters of propoganda ready to mail! What a grind getting that out. It's amazing if you start figuring out the bits and pieces ... 4 seconds of fold a page ... 6 seconds or so to put 4 folded sheets though the paper cutter ... 3 seconds to sign each note ... 7 seconds to stuff and seal the envelope ... 4 seconds each to put on the mailing label ... 4 seconds each to put on the stamp ... let alone all the prep (copying, folding the perfed cards, counting out envelopes and notes, etc.), not to mention the scanning time on the list! No wonder it's taken me all weekend to get this finished!

(Sigh) Well, hopefully this will do some good (heh... it had better ... I'm probably $500 into this project!) with sending propoganda off to all the folks due for 20th Reunion at my college (3 years "bunched" together). I'm hoping that some percentage will be interested in doing the preventative-healthcare thing (hell, we're all making that turn past 40) and do that Rexall thing with me (or at least become customers!)
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