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So, on the train this morning I was musing about Sarah Palin, her speech at the Republican Convention last night, and why so many liberals are in full freak-out mode about her.

Now, aside from the much hashed-over "she's a woman, and, to the Lefties, the only REAL woman is a Democratic woman (submissively toeing the Party line on all far-leftwing platforms), as any other sort of a woman isn't really a woman, so doesn't count, and running one for office is only a crass political ploy to try to trick female voters into not voting for the Democratic nominee" sorts of excuses on why they're becoming unhinged, something else occurred to me ...

Sarah Palin is about as close to a new Ronald Reagan as we've seen since the original.

She's legitimately "folksy", as he was folksy. She's an "outdoors" type, he was an outdoors type. She never set out to get into politics, he never set out to get into politics. She's the Governor of a large Western state, he was the Governor of a large Western state. She uses humor to skewer the opposition, he used humor to skewer the opposition. She's driving the Left into apoplectic fits, just like HE drove the Left into apoplectic fits.

The new Reagan is a girl ... and the Lefties (who'd hate her enough for being who she is, even if she was a guy) really loathe her for being all that and her gender!

It makes more sense now.

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