BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

bleh ...

You wanna know why you never see pictures in here anymore?

I've been working on getting the damn pictures off of two digital cameras for the past SIX HOURS.

One of 'em doesn't show up as a camera (yeah, but pull the damn USB cord from it and the computer whines about not properly disconnecting it!) so I have to take the chip and a flash drive back to The Wife's computer (which has a card reader) and transfer the files across (and then bring them to the "photo" computer).

I've been using my laptop for six years for holding the photo files, and it's down to a tiny sliver of HD space left ... so I'm now having to load most of the files onto an external drive, and the transfer times are glacial. I'm in here doing this because I'm waiting on yet another 25-minute transfer for a subdirectory.

My other (older) camera at least downloads the files into directories named for the date the pics were taken ... I have to scour through the dump from the other to make directories for every date and then divvy up the files between them before even opening them up in something I can work with.

How the fuck does the rest of the world click-click and have their fucking pics on-line right away?

If it wasn't for Daughter #1's attempts at calming me down, the new camera (from last fall) would have been so much fucking scrap metal by now ... hell, I was in a mood to break every goddam thing related to photography and computers this afternoon. To think I used to like photography ... this digital crap makes me crazy (plus, it doesn't help that every goddamned new camera comes with completely different programs, most of which won't even recognize the motherfucking camera!).

Hate, hate, hate ... kill, kill, kill ...

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