BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

photo meme ...

Geez ... I would have loved to have taken part in that "right now" photo meme going around my FL ... but, at the moment, for me to get a pic from camera to postable involves a) finding the camera, b) taking the picture, c) making sure my laptop's all hooked up out in the dining room, d) downloading contents of the camera to the laptop, e) setting up a new subdirectory for the day and re-naming the image appropriately, f) transferring the file to a flash drive, g) transferring the file to my desktop, h) editing (at least for size) the image, i) uploading it to the LJ "scrapbook", and j) posting. I'm guessing the whole process at a half an hour .. hardly a "spur of the moment" kind of thing ... more like a "block time for it" project.

Needless to say, I'd like to get that streamlined a bit, as presently there is no way for me to move files straight from my camera to my desktop computer.

Bummer ...

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