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The most in-your-face piece I've seen ...


OK ...

When I said below that the "the gloves were coming off" as far as politically correct self-editing was concerned, it was largely with this article in mind (however, let me up-front offer my apologies to any Mormon readers for the unwarranted off-hand slam in this). I wish there was MORE press like this article out there, since it's sure as hell "telling it like it is"! Here's an example:

"Immediate left-wing response to the events of September 11 would have been pretty amusing were it not for the seriousness of the circumstances. One would have thought that there was no problem more pressing in its immediate severity than the possibility that American Arabs and Muslims would be subject to some prejudicial treatment."

And ...

"The sort of Americans who voted for Nader were also quick to ascribe the attack to some of the more monstrously depraved acts of brutal barbarism that our nation has committed recently. Like pulling out of the infantile Durban conference and not buying into that Kyoto Protocol scam."

Read it all here:

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