BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Just one phrase ...

I'm sure that most of my more conservative readers are not on-going fans of Pat Condell (one of my favorite Atheists). I often feel very much alone in being both very conservative and very anti-religion, as the Religious Reich has pretty much sucked the Republican, Constitution, and various other non-Leftist parties into its delusional maw.

Condell, while British, is both staunchly anti-religion and unwilling to put up with the idiocy of the the Socialists and Lefties.

On the other end of this link is a video blog posting of his, which connects the abomination of Sharia Law being enforced by British courts to the machinations of "a misguided and arrogant liberal elite" ... sounds familiar, doesn't it?

{note: The clip managed to get itself tossed off of YouTube, and, where it's currently hosted, doesn't seem to have embed codes, so you'll have to go there to watch it.}

Another gem from this one is quoting from a small child who was describing Muslim women in burkhas as "letterbox ladies"!


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