BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Dollar store goodness ...

The dollar store up by The Girls' Dojo has a small section of books, which (predictably) churns through pretty quickly (well, except for the books on golf, which seem to stay there forever). I get a chance to hit that every week or so, and this time I found a couple of political books that looked fun/interesting (both were noted as being a prior selection of the Conservative Book Club, although not being book club editions).

As anybody reading this space knows, I love a deal, and to be able to get $47.90 "worth of books" (that being their combined cover prices) for just $2.00 just makes me giggly. Sure, it could be argued that by big used book store score a while back (a "fill a shopping bag for $5" special) was cheaper (at an average of 25¢ per title) but this was for new pristine condition books rather than a mixed bag running from "like new" down to "acceptable".

Pretty sweet way to "save" $50 (once you figure in the tax)!

Yeah, I know ... you don't care ... but, hey ...

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