BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

My, that was quite a dust-up ...

Gee ... while I was busy working there seems to have been a bar-room brawl in the comments to my previous post!

Now, I'd just seen the Hillary header on the piece I referenced, and hadn't really looked any further, but now I see that the source there is a bunch of Democrats who know and loathe Obama as much (or more) as I do.

Here's a juicy quote (after they predict a McCain win):

"On November 5th, we also begin immediate work on permanently removing Howard Dean, Donna Brazile, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Bill Richardson, Claire McCaskill, Caroline and Ted Kennedy, John Edwards and the rest of the SoetorObama junta from the Democratic Party, replacing them all with centrists who have the best interests of the traditional New Deal Coalition at heart."

Gods, how refreshing is that coming from Democrats (even ones who are devoted followers of Her Satanic Majesty)?!

Frankly, I'd prefer to send that list of so-called leaders "to the wall", but if folks like the Hillbuzz guys can turn around the Democratic party, maybe we won't have to have deathsquads roaming the streets in a "hot" civil (culture) war!

Another "refreshing" perspective from that HillBuzz site:
Why Democrats Support McCain

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