BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Another Fifth Column LIE exposed!


OK ... so you know those videotapes of scumbag Palestinians partying it up? You know how the terror apologists LEPT into action to say "OH NO ... THAT'S OLD FOOTAGE!" ... Well .. it's NOT. Despite Arafat's PA trying to prevent ANY video coming out of their areas (where the celebrations were wide-spread) the folks at Snopes (one of the premier internet hoax busting sites) did the research and found that the footage WAS from Tuesday's attack ... once again our enemies in the leftist Fifth Column are trying their damnedest to muddy the waters!

See the story here:

Frankly, I have heard that the Arab community in Chicago (up on the north side ... I forget the name of the street, but it's the "main drag" for their shops) was out partying in the streets as well ... a Bosnian friend of ours said that they had to go pick up something in that area on Tuesday and was SHOCKED to see the glorification of the carnage happening HERE! No wonder the Fifth Column apologists are working OVERTIME to stigmatize anybody who HINTS that there might be agents of terror in our midst ... for there ARE!

Take heed of the news stories ... the next suicide bomber could live down the block from you! If you have ANY information, there is a secure form here: to get the FBI to check it out!!!

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