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You like Marxism? Then go ahead and vote for the Obama ...

This guy is so tied in with the ultra-ultra-Left that it's mind-boggling that he's even considered plausible for a state-wide office, let alone looking like he's going to win the Presidency. The media is giving him a total pass on ANYTHING of substance ... it's all "hope and dreams" standing in for "smoke and mirrors", but that seems just fine for his armies of rabid fans who are besotted of the koolaid of Obama-worship.

Everything about this man is a LIE and every truth that has been brought forth against him has been swept away by a conspiring left-wing media structure. This is a nightmare, a nightmare that is going to so cripple this country (not that his efforts with ACORN, etc. hasn't crippled us enough already!) that it's going to take 50, 100, maybe more years to make things right again. I foresee a "Red Dawn" scenario where the Pelosi congress pushes through massive Stalinist "emergency measures" and shoves them down all our throats.

It's time to buy guns, my friends ... I've never owned one before, but it's time to arm ourselves against the Left-wing takeover which is just months away!

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