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A while back I was in #livejournal over on trying to get some feedback on what I should get with a gift given to me for a purchase through one of the major music clubs. I was agonizing over the decision, since I neither listen to the radio nor download mp3's, and thereby my exposure to new music is quite minimal (aside from picking up the occasional Cleopatra collection ... and most of the bands on those are damned hard to find!). I had not bought much music in the recent past (due to personal financial stressors, detailed previously) and was really hoping to find some new stuff that I liked and be able to scratch the new music itch that I used to address with at least one new album a week!

Since I was getting feedback from the L.J. community, I figured I'd report on what I ended up with ....

Godsmack - Awake
Staind - Dysfunction
Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory
The Union Underground - An Education In Rebellion
SlipKnot - SlipKnot
(hed) Planet Earth - Broke
Fuel - Something Like Human
Flybanger - Headtrip To Nowhere
From Zero - One Nation Under
Godsmack - Awake

I've only played the first four so far, and am generally pleased ... nothing stands out as particularly brilliant but nothing on these so far is unlistenable either. There is a LOT of clearly "derivative" stuff here, but not to the extent that it's embarassing to listen to.

Anyway ... thought I'd take a break from the political rants for a moment. I wish I had a new poem to post, but I had both the Girls with me tonight and instead of writing I was having to restrain the little one from trying to join in her sister's Dojo class!

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