BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

This is sad ...

I had an unexpected thing happen Monday night.

I'd gotten in late, and was having a bite in front of the TV in the kitchen about 8:30 ... the phone rings, I decided to answer, and it's the Republican candidate for Congress for my district calling up to have a chat. Not a computer, not a volunteer, the candidate. And we end up having a quarter-to-half-hour conversation. I was amazed.

Now, that's not the "sad" part.

I've been having "computer issues" at home (I'm typing this on one of my kids' systems) and hadn't been able to get to the candidate's web page until just now. This poor guy might as well be running as a Libertarian ... he's had all of six donations (I'm hoping that's just on his website) for $325.00, not even 10% of the less-than-massive "target" of raising $3,500.00!

His name's Steve Miller (yes, I did manage to stifle making any "fly like an eagle" jokes on the phone), and you gotta feel for the guy. On the other hand, it makes me feel better about the Libertarian races that I was involved in.

By the way, he's going up against Danny Davis, who got his seat through the same ACORN-inspired "Fusion" vote scam that put Barak Obama in the Illinois state senate (before the Supreme Court rules that "Fusion" candidacies were illegal). The 7th District in Illinois is one of those racially gerrymandered monstrosities made to guarantee a "Black seat" in Congress. I long for the day when these borders could be re-drawn with the "compact" part of the regulations paid attention to! Hell, in Chicago, there have been re-map sessions which have moved legislative boundaries around a house in order to disenfranchise a political enemy.

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