BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Obama's TV commercials ...

Am I the only one that wonders if Obama is running for Santa Claus instead of President?

ALL his fucking commercials are "I'll give you THIS and I'll throw in THAT and I'll get you all sorts of goodies that John McCain won't!" ... the Libertarian in me cringes every time those come on ... it's pure "cookie jar" politics!

Mr. Obama ... I don't WANT your hand-outs, I don't WANT you taking money from productive people and giving it out like it's YOURS (and notably, you've been pretty tight with a penny when it's coming out of your pocket). I want the goddamn government OUT of my life as much as humanly possible. Yeah, I like roads and airports and having a military that can kick all the others' asses, but most of the rest of the stuff ... it should be private business. We used to have the best medical services in the world here BEFORE THE FUCKING GOVERNMENT STARTED TO MICRO-MANAGE IT WITH ENDLESS REGULATION ... hell, between the over-regulation and the MALPRACTICE INSANITY (of your buddy Mr. Edwards) most small towns across the county can't keep Doctors ... there's no way a general practitioner can make enough money to pay the insurance needed, let alone hire the sort of office staff required to make you motherfucking Marxists happy! And that's just one glaring example.

I sure hope there are a LOT of people across the country who are as offended as I am by your commercials. Forget about all the illegal stuff that I strongly suspect that you and your close associates are guilty of (let alone planning) ... the Leftist hubris of you and your supporters disgust me, and I deeply hope that you lose and that there will be EXTENSIVE investigations into your campaign and the whole cesspool that the Democratic Party has devolved into!

Smoke and mirrors ... in Democrat speak, they become "hope and change" ... lying bastards!

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