BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Why I love HillBuzz ...

Yes, I am fully aware of the depth and breadth of the cognitive dissonance engendered by my being so damn enthusiastic about ... but they keep coming up with stuff that I so fervently agree with, that it almost makes up for ... well ... them supporting Hitlery!

An example (discussing a list of what they're going to do after the election):
(3) Permanently removing Howard Dean, Donna Brazile, Bill Richardson, Claire McCaskill, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Ted and Caroline Kennedy, John Kerry, Deval Patrick, Bob Casey, Rahm Emmanuel, Dick Durbin, Rod Blagojevich, John Edwards, and Kathleen Sebelius (amongst others) from positions of influence in the Democratic Party. These people pushed Obama on a country that did not want him - and their terrible judgment should have a consequence. Vote out ones we can in 2010 and beyond - the unelected in the above need to be publicly shamed and called out for what they did to create “Dear Leader” in the first place.

I'm broke, but were I in a position to give, I'd be writing these folks a check!

Remember: "Hope & Change" = "Smoke & Mirrors"

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