BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

A thought ...

I've already been called "amazingly racist" today from an enthusiastic Obama kool-aid drinker ... which has led me to various side-line contemplations ...

Would the mush-brained Left be slinging the "Race Card" around if this Presidential contest was between Alan Keyes and John Edwards?

Didn't think so ... but I'd be as enthusiastically supporting the "much flawed" Mr. Keyes against the sleazy ambulance-chasing Edwards as I have been supporting the "much flawed" Sen. McCain against the lying Marxist scumbag Obama! But my disdain for Obama is supposedly racist, when the Leftoids hatred for Keyes is ... what? Blatant hypocrisy? But I suppose the Left is so damn hypocritical that a bit more never seems to get noticed.

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