BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

And so, America ends ...

The Marxists have won.

They didn't launch a missile, they didn't stage a landing (unless you count letting in a bazillion Mexicans), they chipped and chunked and worked away at Academia, Media, Government Bureaucracy, and the Democratic Party. Then they found "their guy", an ultra-Leftist "raised like veal" in hatred for America; and with an army of lawyers they kept the few prying eyes at bay. The "perfect storm" of radical philosophy and bare-knuckles inner-city machine politics, he is the man with no background ... nothing, from birth through his ascension to the Senate, nothing can be factually nailed down. And now he's going to be President. With an already lunatic Congress. May the Gods help us!

America may never recover. The damage that Obama (with the all-too-willing help of Pelosi and the rest of that psychotic crew) will do over the next few years is going to make America look like Soviet-era Albania. But the so-called "Democrats" will be in power, and that's all they care about. Mark my words (while I'm still free to write them!), there will be "re-education camps" before they're done. Look at what happened to "Joe the Plumber", just for asking a simple question of The One ... it's a foreshadowing of the abuses the Obama machine will bring to government. No one is safe.

To all of you who welcomed the monster in ... I hope you go to the gas chambers first. That way I will at least get some Schadenfreude from seeing you freak-out when the Obama Brigades drag you out of your house for some minor thought-crime! This one you won't be able to blame on the Conservatives.

We are doomed.

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