BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

"The Battle Is Over, The War Begins"

A big hat-tip to topi for pointing out this AMAZING site ...

"The Obama years will make the worst of the Clinton years look mild by comparison. We have seen the thuggish abuses of power that brought Obama into office, but that is only a taste of what an Obama administration in control of the Federal government will be able to do. We have seen only a shadow of the ruthless methods that were used to bring him to power ..."

So, America now has a Lying Marxist Scumbag as President (assuming the Electoral College does as piss-poor a job of "vetting" him as the MSM did) ... and all sorts of "useful idiots" couldn't be prouder for selling us out.

It's time to ORGANIZE and let the Leftist morons know that we're not going to roll over into some neo-Stalinist dystopia without a fight. NOTHING that the Obama/Pelosi/Reid cabal tries to inflict on our nation should go unchallenged, no "Communism with a smiley face" proposal left uncommented on, no "pretty lies" not shown for what they are!


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