BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Sci-fi author predicts Obama nightmare ...

Another hat-tip to polaris93 for this one ...

"Barack Obama is the pampered pet of Chicago gangsters. He is good buddies with a murderous African dictator. And his wacko leftist academic background evokes memories of the style of sideways thinking that inspired the death marches in Cambodia. ... The man burns to have a private army all his own."

Somebody ragged on me in the boards about my off-handedly comparing Obama to Pol Pot ... and I'm somewhat gratified that the likes of  L. Neil Smith has had the same thought. Not relieved, mind you, as I agree with Smith that the potential is there for Obama becoming another Pol Pot, or Mao, if his dreams come true ... and given his slobbering fans, he's well on the way to Kim Jong-il territory!

Again, I Hope® that I'm wrong about Obama ... that he'll be happy with the power and prestige of the office and will sorely disappoint his ultra-left handlers (the way Krishnamurti walked away from the Theosophists), but his entire background is pointing towards "Stalinist dictatorship" as his preferred political mode, so I'm certainly expecting a "nightmare scenario" here as well.

{edit} Damn ... once again I had the wrong link up there ... try it again!


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